Achalasia Treatment in Dubai

Overview of Achalasia Treatment In Dubai

Achalasia Treatment In Dubai is a rare but impactful disorder that affects the way the oesophagus (Food pipe ) functions in  transporting food from the mouth to the stomach.  Any problem with esophageal function can cause difficulty swallowing, weight loss, reflux and diminished quality of life.

Dr. Balaji specialises in cutting-edge achalasia treatment in Dubai, including achalasia surgery when needed, and is dedicated to improving your quality of life.

What is Achalasia?

Achalasia is an uncommon disorder where the oesophagus struggles to propel food and liquids into the stomach. The lower oesophageal sphincter (LES), a muscular ring at the oesophagus-stomach junction, fails to relax, obstructing the passage of food.  On top of this the food pipe has lost the capacity to push down food in a coordinated fashion.

When is Achalasia Serious?

Untreated achalasia may pose serious risks, including difficulty in eating, weight loss, malnutrition, and an increased likelihood of oesophageal cancer. Regular screenings are advisable to detect potential cancer early.

Symptoms and Causes of Achalasia

Causes of Achalasia:

The exact cause remains unknown, but one theory suggests an autoimmune response triggered by a virus, leading to the degeneration of nerve cells controlling oesophageal muscles.


If you are resident in the UAE and you notice the above mentioned symptoms, it is crucial to seek prompt Achalasia Treatment In Dubai by a specialist.

Complications of Achalasia

Complications arise from food regurgitating into the oesophagus and reaching the lungs, leading to pneumonia, lung infections, and a  relatively small but increased risk of oesophagal cancer.

Diagnosis and Tests

How is Achalasia Diagnosed?

In the initial phases the mainstay of diagnosis is by suspicion from a clinical consultation with Dr. Balaji.  However, it is usual that we need further tests to confirm the diagnosis.  It is impossible to make the diagnosis with a clinical consultation alone.

Three common tests include:

Your options for Achalasia Treatment In Dubai

How is Achalasia Treated?

Several treatments, including Achalasia Surgery in Dubai, aim to relax the LES and relieve symptoms.

Minimally Invasive Surgery:

Balloon Dilation:

A non-surgical procedure using a balloon to relax the LES is often the initial treatment.



A last-resort treatment involves the removal of the oesophagus. Esophagectomy is a surgical procedure to remove part or the entire oesophagus. Achalasia Surgery in Dubai may be recommended in  advanced situations when all other methods of treatment have failed. 

Dr. Balaji is a renowned oesophageal laparoscopic surgeon and expert in handling oesophagus-related disorder treatments including  Achalasia Treatment In Dubai.

Consult Dr. Balaji for Achalasia Treatment In Dubai

Dr. Balaji is a renowned oesophageal laparoscopic surgeon and expert in handling oesophagus-related disorder treatments including  Achalasia Treatment In Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although rare, achalasia can occur in children, accounting for less than 5% of cases in those under the age of 16.

While lifestyle changes alone may not cure achalasia, certain modifications, such as eating smaller meals and avoiding late-night eating, can help alleviate symptoms.

Success rates vary depending on the treatment. The options of Achalasia Surgery in Dubai, like Laparoscopic Oesophagomyotomy and POEM, have high success rates, while balloon dilation and medications may require repeated treatments.

While uncommon, achalasia can recur after treatment. Regular follow-ups and screenings are essential to monitor any potential recurrence.

Minimally invasive surgeries often involve shorter recovery periods compared to traditional open surgeries. However, individual recovery times may vary, and your healthcare provider will guide you through the postoperative care plan.

Dr. Balaji Nagammapudur prioritises your well-being with his multidisciplinary approach to Achalasia Treatment In Dubai, utilising the latest advancements in Achalasia care.

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